Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Rising Star

Wesley Miles is a Macomb Community College student who has always wanted to become a movie star. Although he had little training he was determined to make it. He auditioned for a role in a small play and for the first time he was acting on a professional level.

Miles's role was young Scrooge in Warren Community Center's play A Christmas Carol. He said that the play was one of the best acting experiences he has ever had.

"I learned a lot," said Miles.

Miles said his director was responsible for the play's success. The director, Greg Trzaskoma, who is also a professional actor and professor at Macomb, acted as a bartender in Gran Torino. Miles said Trzaskoma's acting experience and coaching helped.

"Getting proper directions from a professional was a refreshing change from the mediocre teaching of a someone who never acted before," Miles said about Trzaskoma's directing.

Miles said actors generally look out for one another. This unwritten rule as Miles put it has resulted in him landing another role in an upcoming play based on the movie Footloose. Sadly because of scheduling conflicts Miles had to turn down the role.

Miles does believe that the film industry coming to Michigan could result in a break that he is looking for.

"I think that being an extra you can make connections on scene," said Miles, "you're not an actor but you could break in."

Although being an extra isn't the most glamorous thing, Miles thinks that local actors could benefit from the film industries move to Michigan. He believes that because of the experience local actors have, it gives them a slight advantage over those who do not have any acting experience.

Miles does not know if he will make it big but he said that his dream role would be to play the Riddler in a Batman movie.

Miles got his start in a high school play and has never looked back. He tried to become an EMT at Baker College but realized that the theatre was his home and transferred to Macomb Community College to complete his general education courses.

He says that he is planning to transfer to Oakland University to get his Bachelors Degree in the fall and then get his masters at Wayne State University.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Mello Follow Up

Nine months ago David Mello was struggling to make ends meet but today he doing well thanks to some unexpected events.

In 2009 Mello applied to receive financial aid to help pay for Macomb Community College but he did not receive his money, however this semester things looked different for Mello. He said that this time he did receive aid and will be taking classes this fall.

Mello has recently moved out of his dad's house and into a small house by downtown Utica.

“It’s great. Very nice, everything was just redone before I moved in. Small, but definitely serves its purpose,” said Mello.

Although Mello did not plan on moving out he is glad he did. He said that his friend one day just asked him out of the blue if he would like to move. Mello said yes and said that it was unexpected but that he is glad that he did it.

He has also quiet his job at Red Robin in order to find a better paying job to help pay for his new home. Mello had worked at Red Robin for three years but knew in order to pay his half of the rent he had to find a better paying job.

That new job was at a furniture company delivering orders. Mello said that he loves his new job because he gets to travel all around Michigan meeting new people and does not have to wait on tables anymore. Mello not only loves the change in atmosphere but the pay as well.

“My new job pays about three or four times more than Red Robin,” said Mello.

Mello's job was farther from his house then Red Robin and his old van was not going to last and sadly it died. Mello's old van had many problems which included: a broken door, starting issues and horn issues.

"My new car is a lot better,' said Mello

He is very grateful for the van that his friend Kela Robinson was able to help him obtain but is glad that he can get around town without having to worry about his car starting up.

Overall Mello said that he is very happy with how his life going. He had a welcome party with a few friends over and many are happy to see thing turn out for the best for their friend David Mello.