Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hossa Town

If the playoffs started today, and the Redwings made it to the finals, who would win MVP: Zetterberg, Datsyuk or maybe Lidstrom?

I believe that if the wings won the Stanley Cup the MVP would be Marian Hossa. Hossa has some of the quickest hands in the league and he scores goals so easily that he makes it look like child’s play. He leads the team with 40 goals which is quite impressive considering the next closest player is Johan Franzen, with 33.

Hossa is one of the few Red Wing players who still has not won a Stanley Cup and wants to win one bad. He gives his all every game and shows it. He has eight game winning goals when not even Lidstrom or Zetterberg have that many.

In the shootout Hossa is always on the lineup and with good reason. He has one of the most unique shooting styles in the NHL. Many teammates regard him as one of the best. Wings head coach Mike Babcock said he is a great addition to the wings and how right he was.

Who would have thought that a former rival would become a key player a year later? Hossa is regarded throughout the league as an all-star. He likes playing for Detroit and is currently is in talks to extend his career in Detroit with a pay cut. A player that is willing to take a pay cut is hard to come by.

Hossa taking a pay cut and has the most goals for the wings, he deserves the MVP. He is a team player and with dedication like that he is truly an MVP.

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