Thursday, December 31, 2009

A True Friend

Kari Edgerton was following her dream of meeting the band Queen when she met a most interesting person who soon won her friendship.

Edgerton has been a long time fan of Queen,a rock band. She has only recently realized that her obsession with Queen is followed by many others, which led to the Queen conventions.

That is when she met her soon to be best friend Jennifer Keenan. Keenan was just another face in crowd until she and Edgerton started talking. Soon they became close friends. Keenan even showed Edgerton her Queen collection, which she envies.

Keenan's Queen collection includes records,Cd's and posters.

"Jennifer has a room dedicated to Queen. One day Kari wishes to have an entire house dedicated to Queen," said Dan Webster, Edgerton boyfriend.

Although Keenan lives in Chicago, they keep in touch weekly and even meet up at least three times a year.

Keenan has helped Edgerton to meet the members of Queen. Keenan took her to see "We Will Rock You", a Broadway musical featuring the music of Queen in Toronto, Canada.

Edgerton describes the musical as a must see but it was not the musical that was the only reason she went there - it was to meet the members of the band. It was there she met Queen's lead guitarist, Bryan May, and drummer, Roger Taylor.

She says she was star struck

"They were really cool," said Edgerton

Edgerton describes the experience as once in a lifetime. She could not believe that she was meeting the members of Queen. Edgerton was very grateful to Keenan for taking her to see the musical.

Edgerton and Keenan have traveled to other Queen conventions and made meet many people along the way who share their passion for Queen.

"The people there we kinda became a family. Now it's gotten to the point I don't even go for Queen anymore, I go for the people there," said Edgerton about the Queen convention goers.

Edgerton and Keenan have been friends for years and are planning on going to many more Queen conventions including one in Michigan.

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